Erst wenn die letzte Ölplattform versenkt,
die letzte Tankstelle geschlossen ist,
werdet ihr merken,
dass man bei Greenpeace nachts kein Bier kaufen kann.

Hi. There are currently some problems with my markdown setup. I am also refactoring some parts of this website. Behold! #technikeristinformiert

Update: Ok. Most of the problems should be solved now. One problem is that cl-markdown and the original Markdown have slightly different opinions about when a list begins. So some older link lists are still scrambled.

The good news is that most MathJax is gone in favor of svg-latex, which loads a lot faster (though it does not look quite so good).

If you see otherwise scrambled pages, feel free to drop a comment or mail about it. At the moment, I do not have the time to go through every single post I made.