Black humor is like a pair of legs - not everyone has one.

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The day I began writing this post was one of those rare days when I watched TV. Passively of course. It was about worried parents, and experts™ who fear that smartphones might be dangerous for children. I remembered that in bavarian schools, smartphones are forbidden. When I was a young child, people were worried that cartoon violence could make children violent. Then they were worried that video games were addictive and would harm children. Then computers and instant messaging. Well, we all exist. And most of us only suffer moderately.

It might be that some children actually had problems due to trends and technology. It might even be severe damage. Progress takes its toll. But on the whole, progress has improved and saved life, and it will probably continue. Probably we should, instead of blocking progress, try to be less of an asshole society, and actually help and support the people who had bad luck.

Some people might think that the use of modern technology is a way youth wants to set itself apart. But remembering my childhood, children rarely tried to keep it a secret: We always wanted to talk to grown-ups about the games we played, about the cartoons we saw, &c – they were just not interested. Maybe it would be the best for the children to actually care about what they do – even though it may not be interesting by itself. And by caring I mean really trying to understand it, not only half-heartedly worrying how it could possibly harm them. It is the world in which your children live, and that alone should make it interesting as a parent. If you are not willing to do that, do yourself and your would-be children a favor and just do not become a parent.