Panel 1: Crying woman: "I am so ugly! Noone will ever go out with me!" Man (holding woman's shoulder): "Nah. You're not ugly. You're special!" -- Panel 2: Crying woman (cheering up): "Then would you go out with me?" Man (shocked, resiling): "Hell no!!!" -- Panel 3: Woman holds her hands in front of her face. A person with a blindman's stick and sunglasses appears in the background. Man (again having hand on her back): "Oh, but it's not because you're ugly. Let me prove you." -- Panel 4: Man: "Charly, would you go out with sandy?" Charly (turning his head to them): "No. Is that why she's crying?" Man: "She thinks people don't do it because she is ugly." Charly: "Well, at least thinking is a good start." -- Panel 5: Charly and the Man are laughing together (word "*lol*" above them). Woman runs away crying.