Panel 1: Protagonist (Trying to catch the attention of an passer-by): "Excuse me, ma'am.". She seems busy reading a paper while walking -- Panel 2: The scene repeats with another person walking by and reading on a laptop. Protagonist: "Excuse me, sir." -- Panel 3: Protagonist (complaining to a friend): "They Keep Ignoring me". Friend (placing a pack of spectacle wipes on the table): "Wait". -- Panel 4-5: The package quickly attract multiple wearers of glasses. Person (in wheelchair): "Hey, can I have one?". Protagonist:"Sure, take it. Erm ... do you know where I can find the public science presentation?". Another Person: "Excuse me. May I have one of the wipes?". First Person (in reply to the protagonist): "Sure, it is on the third floor"