Der Elektrojude

Did you know that LaTeX indents all paragraphs, except for the first one in a section? Combined with the uselessness of \nopagebreak, this gave me headaches today. I wanted LaTeX not to break the page at a certain point, because the line after it broke was introducing the formula, which was then on the next page. And somehow, all possibilities failed, except the sledgehammer that always works: a minipage.

So I used a minipage. The problem with minipages is that they seem to be actually considered as pages. And therefore, my paragraph was the first paragraph on this page, which is why LaTeX did not indent it.

Of course, explicitly using \indent was also useless. Because LaTeX knows best. And of course, there is a package for that.

I ended up with ... rephrasing my document. And I was wondering: Why do so many people let themselves control by this F60.5-religion?