Panel 1: A person sits on his bed. There is a clock in the background that shows it is about 4:00. The person wears a suicide bomb belt which is connected to a smart phone which lies on his bet. The person looks angrily and says: "I am sick of this world. I am sick of people. Sick of them pretending to care." -- Panel 2: The person still sits on his bed and now holds his phone in the hand. The person says: "So I connected this bomb belt with my phone. As soon as anyone sends me a birthday wish, it will explode and end this misery! That will show them!" -- Panel 3: The person still looks angrily and sits on his bed. The clock in the background says it is about 5:05. -- Panel 4: The person still sits on his bed. He now looks disappointed. The clock says it is about 05:55. -- Panel 5: The person cries. The clock says it is about 8:47.