Title text: "The British do a lot of things differently." -- Panel 1: A person switching gears in a british car is shown. Text: "They drive on the left side so they can keep their right hand at the steering wheel when switching gears." -- Panel 2: Pissoirs are shown. Text: "They use automatic interval flushing in memorial of Johann Georg Elser." -- Panel 3: A window which leaks smoke is shown. Text: "They do not use stovepipes because the windows are leaky anyway." -- Panel 4: A person climbing a brick wall is shown. Text: "They do not plaster their walls to make it easier to climb them and enter through the window when losing one's keys." -- Panel 5: A sink with two taps is shown. Text: "They have separate taps for hot and cold water to provide their guests refreshing cold water and hot tea at the same time." -- Panel 6: A shower with a geyser is shown. Text: "They use geysers in the showers so you will not accidentally slip in the dark and hurt yourself in the dark during a power outage while being wet, because you cannot take a shower when there is no electricity." -- Panel 7: A heptagonal coin is shown. Text: "They use heptagonal coins because the regular heptagon cannot be constructed with compass and straightedge, making it harder to forge."