Panel 1: Three children sitting on the floor, an adult standing in front of them. All are wearing cone party hats. Adult: "Kids! I have a surprize for you! Do you want to see it?" Kids: "Yayyyy!" -- Panel 2: Adult (points to the right side): "Charlie the Clown!". On his right side, a person with a bag on his head and shabby clothes lifts a chainsaw. Two of the children are shown, being shocked and fleeing. -- Panel 3: A chainsaw removes a child's head. -- Panel 4: The person with the chainsaw splits a childs head vertically into halves. -- Panel 5: The person with the chainsaw is shown. A head, a hand and a foot are lying in front of him, each in a puddle of blood. -- Panel 6: The adult's hand is shown, holding two cards. The card in the back shows "Charlie the clown" partially concealed by the other card. The other card shows "Chainsaw-Killer, 555-6302". Adult (not shown): "Damn. I got the cards mixed up." ---- (Gur cubar ahzore fubja vf gur ahzore bs Serqrevpn Ovzzry va Fvyrapr bs gur Ynzof)