This is the third week now that I did not draw any comic. I guess I should give it a long pause.

I just have no fun making comics anymore. I wanted to share the chaos in my head with the world, but in the end, most of my comics are nothing special. Though I guess I have evolved an unique drawing style, the humour is the same as most other comic sites, and it does not transport anything of what I wanted to.

One further reason is that I could not find any way of making my comics more accessible to visually impaired people. I can describe the stuff, but for every comic that really uses the comic as a medium, the descriptions are just destroying the joke.

This does not mean that comics are something bad in general - that would be like saying, music is something bad because it is not accessible by deaf people. I encourage everybody with creativity to draw comics, and hope that they will add alternative descriptions for blind people. If somebody is good at drawing but needs ideas, well, I have lots of ideas for comics.

Anyway, I will stop making new comics, and give it a long pause. I am thinking of whether it is possible to create "haptic comics" as an own genre, with its own benefits, and not just a crippled version of visible comics.

Furthermore, I have a lot of other stuff to do, and drawing even simple comics can take hours - hours that are no fun to me currently.

Anyway, I am pretty sure I will draw further comics in the future. But currently, I have lost the motivation to do so.