Panel 1-2: Some projectiles shoot from the sky. -- Panel 3: They are actually posts that stick to the ground. -- Panel 4: A flying saucer is shooting those posts into a grainfield, a tractor is approaching. -- Panel 5: The tractor is crashing into one of the posts. The driver shouts: "Dammit!". An alien is flying the saucer, and answers: "Sorry, new interface guidelines. Crop circles must be equipped with braille now." -- Panel 6: A birds-eye-view of the scene. The posts form the text "⠿⠕⠄⠝⠕⠮ ⠧⠁⠣⠮⠁⠹⠃⠪⠏⠄⠽⠥⠄ ⠟⠑⠇⠪⠄⠟⠁⠍". The tractor driver sais: "What does this even mean?" The alien answers: "I don't know. It's Klingon."