Panel 1: In the center, a block is standing, with two paper eyes and a paper arm attached to it with tape. On the left side, Person A, carrying tape and another paper arm is looking towards it. On the right side, Person B is standing, looking critically. Person B: "What are you doing?" Person A: "Creating a sculpture." -- Panel 2: The second arm is now glued to the block. Person B: "Paper and tape are not allowed." Person A (lifts finger): "Oh. But it makes me so much more productive. Can't we just change the rules and allow it?" Person B: "Oh well ..." -- Panel 3: A paper is shown with the title "Sculptor's Rules". Then follows printed text "Sculptures must be made of stone". Then four handwritten lines "and Wax - and Wood - and Paper - and Tape". -- Subtitle: "Standardization"