Panel 1: A person sits in front of two computer screens. On the left screen, a chatlog is visible. The contents: "You : [greeting]" - "Alice : Hi!" - "You : [generic smalltalk-inducing phrase]" - "Alice : My grandma just died." - "You : [condolence]" - "Alice : 'error preventing Gratitude'" - "You : [pretend interest]" - "Alice : She had a stroke." Subtext: "As artificial intelligence evolved, ever larger parts of chat conversations were replaced by bot commands. People were aware of this, but did not mind." -- Panel 2: HP Baxxter holding his characteristic microphone is shown. He quietly tells the microphone "Scream some of my common catchphrases." It is attached to a loudspeaker that screams "HEILI GEILIIIII!!!" Subtext: "Soon, when speech recognition got better, it made its way into everyday life, and even into art." -- Panel 3: A gravestone with the following text is shown: "Here lies Gudrun Witherspoon. [$birth] to [$death]. [some contemplative shit]." A person holding a tablet computer in his hands that shows a picture of the gravestone is shown, but it shows a different text: "Here lies Alice's Grandma. 01.12.1997 to 09.10.2115. Say not in grief 'She is no more', but live in thankfulness that she was." Subtext: "With the spreading of augmented reality, even signs and notes began to contain placeholders." -- Panel 4: Only the text "[frame with punchline]" is shown.