This comic is a fan-art for the "To Aru Majutsu no Index" anime. -- Panel 1: Touma and Index are standing in front of the Cologne Cathedral. Index: "There it is, the Cologne Cathedral." Touma: "It is impressive. Let us get inside it." -- Panel 2-3: Touma touches its door, the door begins to crack. Touma: "WTF?" Index: "Oh Shi...". -- Panel 4: The Cologne Cathedral breaks into parts. -- Panel 5: A rageface in front of a background of many "Fukoda"-Symbols. ---- guvf vf n ersrerapr gb gur svefg rcvfbqr jurer vaqrk jrnef n zbovyr puhepu naq nf gbhzn gbhpurf vg vg vf qrfgeblrq