Panel 1: Title: "Wealthy". A room with a fireplace is shown. Above the fireplace is the head of an elk. Two glasses of wine standing on the floor next to a rug where two people are lying. Text: "Two glasses of wine to share, me and my girlfriend on a smooth rug, enjoying the romantic crackling and flickering of the fire in the furnance. All I need to be happy." -- Panel 2: Title: "Student". A small room is shown with a window, a working desk, and a desktop PC with an external hard drive. A person in a sleeping bag with a bottle in front of a small laptop is shown. Text: "A bottle of coke, a sleeping bag keeping me warm (the dorm's heating does not work today), my girlfriend (who studies 400km apart) in Skype, the romantic flickering and crackling of my hard disk from which my torrents are seeded. All I need to be happy."