Title: "Fnord" -- Panel 1: A speaker standing in front of an audience at a lectern, saying "Fellow citizens! There is no alternative! We have to increase the taxes!" -- Panel 2: Audience: "Boooooh! This is not what you promised!" -- Panel 3: Speaker: "Believe me, I can understand your infuriation. But think about it. If we did not take the extra money from everyone, we would especially not take it from the criminal citizens, so they could use it to buy ..." -- Panel 4: A near-view of the face of the speaker with shadows is shown, to make it more dramatic. He lifts his hand, and points upside with his finger, saying: "child pornography." -- Panel 5: The audience looks shocked. -- Panel 6: Speaker: "So I ask you again! Are you willing to accept a tax increase?" -- Panel 7: Audience: "Yeeeeeeeeeah!"