Panel 1: Two persons in trekking clothes stand on a field, one is looking at a map, one at a smartphone. Person 1: "I really have no idea where we are." Person 2: "My phone has no signal. Can't ask OSM either." -- Panel 2: Person 1 (pointing with his finger on the plants): "Oh crap. These are nettles! We must leave this place NOW!" Person 2: "Are you allergical or just afraid of the stings?" -- Panel 3: Person 1: "No. But most of them are allergical to me!" A nettle makes "*choo*" and spits spikes on Person 2. Person 2: "Ouch!" -- Panel 3: Now all the nettles szneese and shoot with spikes. The persons are running, bending and holding their hats on their heads. Person 2: "What the F**k dude?"