Panel 1: A stage with huge background caption "Sweepatron". A screen which sais "Enemy: Brooms I7L ®". A speaker stands in front of lectern and has a remote control in his hand. Speaker: "So to finally defeat our last competitor, our engineers created a new invention..." -- Panel 2: The screen now shows a satellite shooting at the earth, it has the caption "Maximizer ray". Speaker: "... an orbital maximizer ray. We will let it shoot at the earth ..." -- Panel 3 shows a small circle, "earth", and something that resembles grass or mold. Speaker (not shown): "... so earth's size will rapidly increase until ..." -- Panel 4: Another person uses a broom, but it bends and shows relativistic effects. Speaker (not shown): "... light-speed will be a relevant factor for sweeping, and humans will be confused ..." -- Panel 5: A sweep machine with a warp drive (as known from star trek) is shown. Speaker (not shown): "... and prefer to use our new product, the Sweepatron Warp, with warp coils."