Panel 1-2: Four parking lots are shown, one is occupied. A car stands in front of them. The passengers of this car talk to each other. Co-Driver: "What are you waiting for?" Driver: "My parking lot is occupied." Co-Driver: "But there are like 20 others. And we will only stay for about five minutes." Driver: "Yeah, but I always park here. I cannot just change my habits so fast." -- Panel 3: The car that occupied the parking lot is driving away. But also the waiting car is driving away a little from the parking lot. Co-Driver: "Now it becomes free. Why are you driving the other way?" Driver: "To make place for this more expensive car." -- Panel 4: A more expensive car parks at the formerly occupied parking lot. Co-Driver: "But ... Why?" Driver: "Because it is more expensive. Hey, I'm feeling lucky. Let's just park somewhere else today." -- Panel 5: It parks next to the expensive car. -- Subtext: "Train Logic".