The comic consists of two columns, the left column has the title "Desktop", the right column has the title "Phone". The left column shows a usual desktop with a taskbar. Two programs "Uxul Mail" and "Plasmarüppel" are opened, the latter one is in the foreground and loads a web page named "PicHostr" at 10%. The user switches to "Uxul Mail" which then comes to the foreground. It is a mail program, showing an inbox with some spammails, as well as a mail that the user currently writes, with the content "Hi. Finally, I come to answering your mail. I really liked your apple pie recipe, however, I had…". Then, the user switches back to the browser Plasmarüppel, and it shows the page PicHostr with a photo of a cat wearing a deer antler, titled "My Christmas Cat :3" The right column shows a smartphone with a browser which currently loads the page PicHostr at 10%, 20% in the second panel, where the user presses the Home button. In the third panel, the home screen is shown, and the user switches to an app called Uxul Mail, and writes a mail with the same content as the mail from the left column. He then presses the Home button again and turns back to the browser, which again loads PicHostr, but is back at 10%.