Panel 1: A cat is playing with a fly, thinking "Me playing with it. It don't understand." -- Panel 2: A person looks at the playing cat, thinking "Lovely, it plays with a fly. It doesn't understand the world and is just happy." -- Panel 3: An alien is shown in some space ship, a window in the background shows the earth. The alien sees the man and the cat on its screen. The alien sais: "Hm. These humans are cute. But they are not ready yet for a first contact." -- Panel 4: A cloud with chains and voids is shown which remotely resembles the large structure of our universe. A big entity resembling a neuron is looking at it, thinking "Everything works well. They still do not know they're in a simulation." -- Panel 5: The fly is shown, thinking "Day 436142881939205638. They still suspect nothing."